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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


There comes that time in your life when you realize that you can't change everything, and that time marches on. I haven't written in this blog for a while. I think I've taken Renewal as far as it will go. Not sure if there is a whole lot left to say. I've learning that I can only take my weights so far, my cardio so far. I'm not young person anymore. I hate it, but there it is. Right now I feel kind of lonely. I was hoping to move, but nothing is going on here. It's kind of sad, but that's the way it is. I'm taking a break from this blog.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hi, Ho - It's Off To the Gym I Go!

I'm going to admit that I had become a little lazy when it comes to my workouts. It's not that I was skipping them or doing less. It's just that I had stopped rowing and been doing my cardio workouts on the recumbent bike. The reason was I wanted to read while I was working out. So I stopped rowing. BIG MISTAKE! 

I realize now that I wasn't getting the workout that I needed. I went back to rowing this week. Unfortunately, I can feel the results when I wake up in the morning.  Today is a gym day and it's back to rowing. I've downloaded a couple of podcasts to listen to since I really need something more than music. I think the problem is that with weights I have to pay attention to the numbers. With cardio, it's just about moving and getting the time in. So the podcasts help. 

One of the things I really like about the Y is their FitLinxx system. It keeps track of your progress, and you can measure yourself against others. I was really pleased to see that I had made it into the top group of women for 2011 of weights lifted. It's nice seeing your name on a list - even if you are toward the bottom! It's important for me to stay active. There is arthritis in my family. So far I've been able to avoid taking pain pills for the most part except for the occasional strained muscle. This morning I woke up feeling a little achy in my hips and lower back. Luckily once I got out of bed the pain went away. I don't want to become crippled by arthritis. So, hi, ho, hi, ho - it's off to the gym I go!
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

We went to the National Gallery of Art last Wednesday. It involved a LOT of walking. We took the MARC train, arrived at Union Station, had breakfast, then took the METRO. After that we had a long two block walk to the museum. We only did the American section. Then it was off to Chinatown for some lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. Caught the 4:10 MARC train back. It was great. This is just a sampling of the glorious pictures we saw. Can't wait to get back!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Years Resolutions! What??????

A little late, right? Where were you in DECEMBER, Larraine, when everybody else was blogging about their New Years Resolutions? December is probably the only month in the year that I seem to live almost totally in the present. I love the lights and colors and music of the season. 

I'm going to be very upfront and say that I don't particularly believe in the "reason for the season."  Apparently Jesus was born in March - the lambs are cited as the reason.So I tend think of it as a Winter Solstice celebration. Don't be mad, now!   

It takes me a while to think things through. I'm not ready to think about what I want to do in January in December. It's halfway to February - so NOW it's time.

I had an interesting comment  on my blog Coffee and Chocolate. I made a comment on another blog resulted in a prize. I commented on a photograph called "Surprise" in which I reminisced about a spring horse that we gave to our son, Rob, one year. I still remember the look on his face. Utter and complete surprise! 

I won a $50 gift certificate for a site that sells paper goods - most of which did not interest me. However, I did decide on a planner that allows the user to personalize with your own photos. I got it last week. It's a lot of fun. I'm writing down bits and pieces in it. Plus, I can turn to the photo of Rob & Sharon or Bob and I and smile. There is also a photo of a diner sign that I liked a lot, a fall scene from Bombay Hook and a photo of a line of bikes and scooters that I saw at the train station in Alexandria, Va. 

This reminded me of one of the things I had stopped doing which is writing. I write for myself. I probably will never get published. When I'm gone, the files will be deleted, along with my photo files, and my computer will be rehabbed and given away or just tossed. 

Of course, I also want to learn Italian. I'm back taking Italian lessons for now. We didn't have enough students at the first meeting so I don't know if this session will continue or not. I also invested in Rosetta Stone. It was expensive, but on sale. 

I continue to try to "simplify" my life by ruthlessly going through my books. They are in good shape. If I find that a large book is only selling for a penny or so on Amazon, I put it on Paper Back Book Swap which is a great site for swapping books. You DO have to pay for postage, but it's worth because you get a point for every book you swap. It's a great way to get rid of that pile of novels taking up space. 

I would like to move, but I question whether that's going to happen this year. In the meantime, I hope to find a part time job because I'm bored being at home. It would be nice if people remembered we're here, but I've just about given up on that. Apparently everyone is "too busy." (A little of my self-pity from my previous post, I'll admit.) 

I bought a membership for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. They have two exhibits this year. The cost of the tickets for the exhibits was more than a dual membership. (Now if I can just get their site to accept my membership number, but that's another issue....) 

I'm trying to make some sense of my home office. Right now the small desk I was using is piled with stuff. Bob brought my other desk into that room. The futon is temporarily (?!) in the living room. It crowds things, but on the other hand, Hamish likes it a lot. Bob is in the process of rehabbing the back room which had once been my home office and is now filled with a jumble of stuff. There's wallpaper that needs to come down, carpeting that needs to come up....You get the picture. 

The litter boxes are finally going where I wanted them all along: in the lower level, under the stairs. We just need to keep Kinsey happy...... The Diva rules! There needs to be enough room so that Spenser can't block the way when Hamish needs to do his processes of elimination. (Honestly, having two male cats is like having two teenagers. I'm just hoping Spenser mellows a little and that Hamish stops chasing Kinsey.) 

I just downloaded a book on our Kindle for the Abingdon library reading group. I had stopped going because my Italian lessons were on Monday, but now they are Tuesdays. So now I feel a bit more optimistic. It would still be nice if people occasionally picked up the telephone and called, but......I'll take what I can get. Ciao!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Happy New Year Wallow In Self Pity

Happy New Year - and I'm glad it's over. I really HATE New Year's Eve. It seems like everyone has plans or is doing something fun. It wasn't a total washout. We went to see The Girl In The Dragon Tattoo, a terrific and engaging film. It was really well done and very close to the book with a few exceptions. It was a low tech film, dark and moody, like the book. When we got home, I made a spicy scallop and shrimp linguine. We didn't even stay up for the New Year. B-O-R-I-N-G! 

I was feeling sorry for myself, although I feel a little better now. This is my Medicare year. In just a few months, I'll be signing up. So, I've decided to put off doing things until then. Talk about depressing. I don't feel old. I look at myself in the mirror and don't see old, but I think other people do. I know I should accept age gracefully, but I don't WANT TO! 

A few days, one of my Facebook "friends" was waxing nostalgic about growing up in the 50's and 60's and how much "better" things were. I don't share that view. I LIKE technology. I LIKE having a mobile instead of trying to find a phone booth that actually works and wasn't last used by someone with walking pneumonia. I LIKE using a word processing software program instead of banging away on a typewriter. I LIKE using a digital camera instead of worrying and obsessing about how much film I'm using. 

The problem with getting older is that  inevitably my body just needs to "rest" more. Today was our gym day. I did 10 minutes of serious rowing, following by my weights, followed by 10 minutes of (mostly) furious pedaling on the recumbent bike. I have to admit that I'm tired. I shouldn't be annoyed but I am. The other day I found myself wondering if anyone would even miss us if they didn't hear from us for a while. I know I'm wallowing but since this is MY blog, I'm going to wallow. I'm just keeping it here for now.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rowing and Rowing....Happy New Year

I took a break from rowing for about a week. Went back to it yesterday along with my weights. Weights are up to a little over 22,000 lbs per session. Today I went to the gym just to do cardio. Did 15 minutes on the rower (with the help of some good rock on my IPod Touch), upped the resistance to 7 (from 6 - I move in small increments!) and did 2018 Meters - a personal bist. Whoohoo! We learned recently that Blue Cross - starting in January - may be supplementing our gym membership as long as we go a certain number of times monthly. That's pretty exciting and gives us added incentive to stick to it. Bob and I got our t-shirts on the 23rd: the "Y" offered free t-shirts to anyone who came in at least 12 times during December. This is our second t-shirt. So, I haven't lost all of the weight I would have liked, but I am a lot more fit than I was three years ago. That's a good thing.


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